Have you received an error code on an AIR record?

Have you received error code 103 (Duplicate Antigen Dose) on an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) record?

103 = Duplicate Antigen Dose. Your practice will not receive payment for this vaccination encounter until this has been rectified in AIR.

Common occurrence – a patient (older than 12 months) comes in for a MenACWY vaccine. They already received MenC as part of their Menitorix (MenC/HIB) vaccine when they were 12 months old on the old schedule. The administration of the MenACWY vaccine in this instance must be listed as DOSE 2 in your practice software and AIR for the encounter to process correctly in AIR as it is dose 2 of the MenC antigen.

There are two ways to correct a 103 error:

  • If the MenACWY encounter was transmitted to AIR from your practice software – you will need to call or email AIR directly to fix this patient’s records in AIR 
    • P: 1800 653 809
    • E: air@humanservices.gov.au include all of the relevant details (name, DOB, MC, as well as vaccine date and dose).
  • If the MenACWY encounter was entered into AIR by logging into AIR online – you can fix the dose error directly by using the ‘Update encounter’ option and edit feature once you identify the patient and locate the incorrect record in AIR.