Quality Improvement PIP - Implement POLAR to prepare your practice!

The Quality Improvement PIP will be introduced in 2019 to eligible general practices who use practice data to improve patient outcomes and deliver best practice care. QI PIP will replace five existing incentives – aged care access, asthma, cervical screening, diabetes and quality prescribing. 

A key requirement of QI PIP will be the engagement with Primary Health Networks to undertake continuous quality improvement activities through the collection and review of practice data.

Quality improvement activities are under development in consultation with representatives from the general practice sector.

While details are yet to be announced, you can prepare for QI PIP by adopting POLAR (Population Level Analysis and Reporting tool. POLAR is a “business intelligence” tool which will assist your practice to interpret data extracted from your clinical and billing systems to achieve better clinical, business and data quality outcomes.

Please contact our staff for more information on how to register for a free POLAR licence.