Breathe easier with My Health Record

Asthma Week, being held from 1-7 September, provides an ideal time to learn how My Health Record can assist those suffering from asthma manage their online record of their condition. The My Health Record system provides the opportunity for individuals to have access to their key health information in one place, which could help their healthcare practitioners view relevant information faster and assist in determining treatment options during an emergency.

Having a My Health Record means individuals and their healthcare providers can list allergies, medicine information and adverse drug reactions. Having test and scan results as well as hospital discharge summaries can show the pattern of this disease over time. Personal health notes that no one else can see, can be added to help jog a person’s memory for medical visits.

Individuals who have a My Health Record can also access their record anywhere at any time. This could benefit them when they are travelling interstate or overseas. With no hardcopy paperwork involved, it can help individuals with the frustrating process of repeating their health history every time they visit a new doctor or other healthcare professional.

By the end of 2018, Australians with a Medicare or Department of Veteran Affairs card will have a My Health Record created for them automatically, unless they choose not to. Those who prefer not to have one will have the opportunity to opt out until November 15. For more information, visit or call the free helpline on 1800 723 471.