Promoting hep C treatment.. how do you score?


Many patients/clients who use drugs - or who are in recovery - believe the new hep C cures have bad side effects.1

Why is this so? Possibly, it’s the very small number of people who experience side effects being loud and vocal. While the very large number of people who don’t experience side effects being a very quiet silent majority.

Other people will remember vividly the side effects of the interferon-days, and will have a general distrust of health workers and medical authority2 trying to tell them otherwise.

You can help people access hep C treatment by countering misinformation and providing up-to-date resources available below. Have a bold display of hep resources in a prominent place with some posters on the wall or keep resources on hand discreetly behind the counter, to be given to clients/patients whenever possible.

Click here to order free resources.

1 Bryant, J. research update seminar, Kirby Institute 24 July 2018.
2 “We live with it almost every day of our lives” an AIVL report into experiences of Stigma and Discrimination 2015.