App technology in health

On 25 July, CESPHN held a practice nurse education session with Nurse Robbie Bedbrook. The session covered topics including chronic disease management plans, health literacy, building relationships with different generations and an insight into some great apps that you can use for helping your patients.

Several apps were discussed in this session and a list of ones that may be of interest for your patients are:

  • Pill & Med Reminder - Medisafe” – this app can be downloaded on any smart phone. It had been well reviewed and faired the best in study done at University of Sydney.
  • ICE - In Case of Emergency” for iPhones use “Health” feature. Android phones predominately have emergency feature in “Settings”, or in sub feature. Once information is added don’t forget to select “show when locked”.
  • Save the Date to Vaccinate” is a vaccination reminder app from NSW Health. This app is excellent for parents or carers of babies or young children. It provides information and reminders on when to vaccinate, why, possible side effects and other interesting facts
  • HeadSpace” app for teaching meditation and mindfulness to patients with anxiety and mental health issues.

In addition, many large health organisations have apps - such as Diabetes Australia, Heart Foundation, Kidney Health Australia to name a few!