Pharmacies called to participate in Pharmacy Trial Program Opportunity


UNSW and Latrobe University researchers are seeking volunteer community pharmacies to participate in a community pharmacy routine opioid outcome monitoring pilot program. The ‘Routine Opioid Outcome Monitoring’ program is designed to test how effective embedding a screening tool into routine pharmacy practice is for:

  • the identification of opioid-related problems
  • facilitating referral to the patients’ opioid prescriber
  • facilitating patient education

Researchers are looking for:

Community pharmacy owners and managers from the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN catchment, that:

  • dispense at regular opioid prescriptions
  • have an internet enabled a device (e.g. iPad or smartphone) or computer in your pharmacy that customers can access
  • are willing to conduct brief routine opioid outcome monitoring in your pharmacy

Participants can expect to:

  • receive training and access to the online monitoring tool
  • complete baseline and follow-up surveys
  • complete the monitoring tool with up to 20 customers in your pharmacy
  • be reimbursed for your time:
    • completing the baseline and follow-up surveys - $20.00 per pharmacist
    • time to attend training webinar - $40.00 per pharmacist
    • delivering opioid outcome monitoring - $10.00/completed screen

We are looking to recruit the final round of pharmacists to participate in this study. Recruitment will end soon!

Interested in participating? pdf Click here (77 KB)  to download the flyer.

If you would like more information or are interested in being part of the study, please contact:

Name: Dr Suzanne Nielsen
Phone: 0437 629 158