Practice Software advice - release information and dose numbers relating to schedule changes 1 July 2018

12 July 2018

Practice software vendors have released or currently in the process of updating their software in line with the 1 July 2018 schedule changes. Information regarding these releases and dose numbers accepted by AIR are detailed as follows:

Medical Director (MD) have not yet released their updated software and are unable to confirm a date when this will be available. Providers are advised to record any vaccination encounters that are not on the NIP schedule window by using the 'other vaccine given 'tab. As dose (sequence) numbers are not compulsory when using this function providers need to ensure they enter the dose (sequence) numbers when entering the encounters manually into MD to ensure successful transmission to AIR. MD instructions are available at the MD website. Further information is available via the MD live chat function or by calling 1300 300 161.

Best Practice (Bp) have advised that their latest release does not include changes to the immunisation schedule and advises that immunisations should be entered manually until the Bp Schedule is amended in a future release. Further information is available on the latest Best Practice notification or by calling 1300 40 1111.

ZedMed updated their software and the release went live at the end of June. Providers need to use version 29.2 which will provide the updated schedule.

Genie have advised that providers can now update their own recipes to be in line with the new schedule.

Dose numbers accepted by AIR are detailed as follows. NB: Dose numbers may vary depending on whether the child has been vaccinated in accordance with the NIP schedule.

Age  Disease  Vaccine Dose (sequence) number
 12 months  Meningococcal ACWY Nimenrix  Dose 1 (if a child has had previous accepted doses, subsequent doses will be sequential)
 12 months  Pneumococcal  PrevenarĀ®13

 Dose 3 (if child has received 2 previous and is receiving 12 month schedule dose as per schedule changes 1 July 2018)

Dose 4 (if child has received 3 previous doses and parent/carer wants 12 month schedule dose or at risk of IPD or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander)

 18 months  Haemophilus influenzae type b  Hiberix or Act-HIB or Menitorix (WA only)  Dose 4 (if child has received 3 previous doses, usually as a combined vaccine at 6 weeks, 4 and 6 months.