Optimised 75+ Health Assessment. Which of you patients need it most?


Moving beyond using a data extraction and analysis tool to simply run reports, practices are increasingly using them as part of a risk-approach to managing practice populations. For example a data extraction and analysis tool can be used to identify patients at high risk of adverse health outcomes. Taking this approach with your older 75+ practice population can quickly help you identify which of your older patients are eligible and may benefit most from a 75+ Health Assessment. A comprehensive health assessment and person-centred management plan, such as the Optimised 75+ Health Assessment, can highlight health and other risks for management to improve patient outcomes and potentially avoid unplanned hospitalisations.

For assistance to identify your practice’s older ‘at-risk’ patients eligible for a 75+ HA contact:

Kim Sherman, Canterbury Cluster Manager, 8752 4954
Jason Phillips, Sutherland Cluster Manager, 9330 9974

If your practice does not have a data extraction and analysis tool in place CESPHN can provide one free of charge. For more information on how to access a data extraction and analysis tool, or for training, please contact your Practice Support Officer or the Digital Health Team at a.dolezal@cesphn.com.au.