ANSC May Update: The Royal Hospital for Women

Pregnancy PCOS patient recruitment

The RHW are looking to recruit 40 pregnant women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) for a study aiming to evaluate the role of continuous blood glucose monitoring (CBGM) among that population.

This is a great benefit to women with PCOS as they gain nutritional knowledge relating to their Blood Sugar Levels (BSL).

Please pdf click here (165 KB) for for further information and contact details.

Diagnosis gestational diabetes (GDM)

It has come to our attention at our Obstetric Trigger meeting that there have been a number of women with abnormal OGTT results that have not been referred to our Diabetic Educator within the RHW recommended one to two week timeframe.

Please ensure that you are aware of the below RHW protocol for GDM and diagnosis as below:

Fasting BGL: > 5.1 mmol / L
1 hour: > 10.0 mmol /L
2 hour: > 8.5 mmol / L

Please pdf click here (211 KB) for the RHW easy to follow Flowchart for Screening, Diagnosis and Referral of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM).

Click here for the RHW Guideline for Screening, Diagnosis and Referral of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM).

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Complex pre-conception clinic

RHW have a pre-conception clinic held once a month and is attended by an Obstetric Physician, Dr Amanda Beech and Dr Deborah Kennedy from Mothersafe, who can see women with complex health or fertility issues requiring specialist care.

GP referral required. Fax referrals to: (02) 9382 6722
“Attention Complex Pregnancy Planning Clinic”.

Medicare billing available.

Women to be seen on a case by case basis.

Please pdf click here (70 KB) to see the flyer for more information.

Good mental health in pregnancy

Good mental health is what we all strive for. At the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) we run two groups to help women attain good mental health during their pregnancy and life ahead.

These two groups have a core aim of helping women understand how important emotionally attaching with their infant can be.

  1.   pdf Becoming Amazing Mums (BAM) (460 KB) - This course is a strengths based program for women with childhood abuse, physical, emotional and/or sexual. There is an interview process for this group. It is facilitated by a mental health social worker.
  2.   pdf Motherhood, Myths and Challenges (169 KB) - This course is based on a CBT model and explores strategies and coping skills for all women especially those who have experienced stress, anxiety and/or depression.

Both courses are found on the RHW website – click here for more information.

Prenatal genetics update - preconception genetic carrier screening

Due to a number of recent newspaper articles and television programs on the topic, you may have had an increased number of enquiries about preconception genetic carrier screening. If there is a family or personal history of a genetic condition we encourage a phone call or referral to a genetic service (RHW Genetic counsellor: 9382 6099) as there might be more specific tests that need to be considered or that are more appropriate.

If no family history there are a number of carrier screening options available which can be requested by GPs or some ultrasound and IVF services. One of the more established tests is the prepair™ test by the Victorian Clinical Genetics Service (VCGS). Prepair is a genetic carrier screen for cystic fibrosis (CF), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and Fragile X syndrome. These three genetic conditions have serious health consequences and are some of the most common inherited conditions in the general population. A similar test is also now available through Sonic genetics (DHM Pathology).

There are also larger carrier screening gene panels including the Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen which looks for over 175 conditions including CF, SMA and Fragile X syndrome. The Virtus preconception screen looks at over 500 recessive conditions and can be arranged at a number of private ultrasound and IVF practices in Sydney.

All of these tests can be offered to individuals and couples who are considering, or are in, early pregnancy. If the couple is pregnant it is recommended to screen both parents at the same time to avoid delay in reporting. If preconception, it is advised to test the mother first. Individuals who are identified as being carriers of any conditions on these screening panels can be referred to the Genetics service at RHW for further counselling.

There are out of pocket costs for all of these tests. None are currently publicly funded unless there is a reported family history.

Details and request forms can be found on these websites: