Is there room for improvement in your Practices 75+ Health Assessment?

 GPs will receive 40 Cat 1 points with an optional 10 points for completing the Clinical Audit ‘self-assessment’ questions designed to help practices identify whether there is room for improvement in their 75+ Health Assessment.

What are the steps?

Step one - Find 10 older community dwelling people in the general practice who have been admitted to hospital/ attended a hospital ED in the last 12 months aged 75+

Step two - Review the situation which surrounded the circumstances pre/post the admission/ED attendance. What could have been done differently to avoid the admission/ED attendance?

Step three - If a 75+ Health Assessment had been done in the previous two years, the audit will ask your reflections on multiple areas including:

  • The goals of the older person
  • Cognition screening
  • Nutrition screening
  • Mood assessment
  • Fitness to drive (if applicable)
  • Comprehensive social history (communicated in all referral letters and care plans)
  • Mobility function assessment, including a record of the mobility deficits that were observed
  • The number of times body weight was recorded for the person in the previous 18 months, and if there was a trend of unplanned weight loss, what action had occurred?
  • An annual Kidney Health Check comprising Creatinine, eGFR, Blood pressure and urinary Albumin/Creatinine Ratio (ACR) and checking for any renally-cleared medications
  • The number of medicines taken by the older person and a request for a Home Medicine Review
  • Documented legal documents to support the older person’s choices in the event they lose capacity (e.g. Advance Directives).

This is a great team building activity as it can be done with a group of GPs and nurses discussing improvements in the “process of care” in your practice. To assist GPs and practices complete the Clinical Audit, CESPHN have compiled he following information resources:

To be completed and returned to the CESPHN CPD team by Friday 25th May 2018.

Coming soon: New Revised 75+ Health Assessment template - Addressing the health care needs of an ageing population (launch date: 21st May 2018)

Benefits of using the NEW revised 75+ Health Assessment template:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Designed by a GP with expertise in frailty and reviewed by local GP’s and PN’s
  • Added ‘Frailty’ dimensions for early detection of functional and cognitive decline
  • Developed checklists to support the management of frail older people (Assist your older patients to live as safely and independently as possible).
  • Encourages practices to develop specific care plans for older people (not for diseases, but focused on “What matters to them”).
  • Find out what help is available for your older patients (referral options for wellness optimization)
  • Alignment with prolonged 75+ Heath Assessment

The new revised 75+ Health Assessment template will be available for download into Medical Director and Best practice clinical software in coming weeks. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the new template please contact the Staying Well at Home team here

CESPHN can also assist your practice to look at data and focus the 75+ Health Assessment on those who most need it. If you would like a demonstration on how to identify at-risk older patients in your practice using data extraction tools, please contact the Staying Well at Home team here