PCMNRP Building Block 3:  “Married at First Sight” – Patient Registration

Block 3 – Patient Registration is about organising your practice to enrol and facilitate the care of your chronic patients.

It involves calculating the number of chronic patients and sharing the load evenly among all clinicians in the practice and the care team. This is a fundamental step in balancing patient demand with a practice’s capacity to provide care.

We have expanded “Patient Registration” to include the scenario where a practice has to market itself to a new patient.

We will explore the tools available to us and draw from each other’s experiences to drill down into how to register patients and what Person Centred Care really involves.

The evening is a question and answer session between our fictional patient and our three competing practices. The audience will be asked to score the responses of the practices to the questions of the fictional patient to ascertain which practice is the most Person Centred.

We will then open the session up to Q and A with a focus on sharing generously and stealing shamelessly.

Learning outcomes will include:

  • How to balance patient demand with practice capacity
  • Tools and techniques that Person Centred practices use to manage their chronic patients
  • Identifying roadblocks and obstacles to developing Person Centred Care
  • Baby steps that you can take to ready your practice for Person Centred Care

  pdf Click here (458 KB) to view the event flyer.