Spotlight on homelessness inner Sydney - ten years of street counts


February 2018 marked ten years of the City of Sydney will conducting its bi-annual street count which began in 2008. February 2016 saw numbers of people sleeping rough at all-time high of 486 and crisis accommodation service were 98 per cent full. In February 2017 there was a reduction in people sleeping rough at 433, however a further 489 people occupied crisis and temporary accommodation beds and 26 occupied hospital beds. 

The methods used to conduct the street count have been adapted and refined in consultation with people with lived experience of homelessness to ensure sensitivity and accuracy.

In 2015 ‘Registry week’ was undertaken, which used a tool called the Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritisation Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) which is a pre-screening, or triage tool that is designed to assess the health and social needs of homeless persons and match them with the most appropriate support and housing interventions that are available.

Since the first count in 2008, other regions in the Central and Eastern Sydney catchment area now also conduct streets counts, and/or registry weeks. These including inner west council, Waverly council, and Sutherland Shire, along with various partner agencies.

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