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Do you have a patient with diabetes and foot ulceration? If so, High Risk Foot Services within Sydney Local Health District can help!

Patients with diabetes-related foot ulcers or those with suspected acute charcot neuroarthropathy can be referred for specialised multidisciplinary management to the Diabetes Centre RPAH or Concord Hospital, High Risk Foot Services. This is particularly important if the wound is deep, is associated with arterial disease, or is not reducing in size after two weeks. We encourage enquiries and referrals from general practitioners and podiatrists, although the podiatry referral should be accompanied by a medical referral.


Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Diabetes Centre High Risk Foot Service

Phone: 9515 5888 
Fax: 9515 5820 
To call and discuss a patient please phone 9515 5888.
Clinic co-ordinator, Senior Podiatrist: Ms Anna Crawford
Referrals should be written to Professor Stephen Twigg.

Concord Hospital High Risk Foot Service

Referrals are received via the podiatry central intake:
Phone: 9767 7395 
Fax: 9767 5297 
Clinic co-ordinator, Deputy Director of Podiatry: Ms Georgina Frank