Improvements to My Aged Care

Commencing 3 July 2017, changes have been made to My Aged Care.

To better support clients, including clients with diverse needs, it is now possible to nominate a regular or authorised representative to talk with My Aged Care on a client’s behalf using the My Aged Care website.

Provision has also been made to improve access to information for health professionals to enable them to continue to work with My Aged Care assessors.

Health professionals can make referrals for their patients or access follow-up information from My Aged Care without needing to become a representative. To do this they need to have their patient’s consent or the legal representative’s consent.

Health Professionals will now be able to access the following information from the contact centre:

  • if a referral has been made to an assessment organisation
  • the type of assessment
  • the name and contact details of the assessment organisation
  • if the patient has been referred for services including the type of services and if accepted by a provider
  • if the client has existing aged care approvals in place
  • if a referral has been closed and the reason for closure.