Interactive tools to improve hospital journey for people with disabilities

Do you provide care and support for people with disabilities?

The Admission2Discharge (A2D) Together interactive website and toolkit is live

The A2D Together Folder has been developed to improve health outcomes for people with a disability. A trip to hospital for a person with a disability can be frightening and challenging for the person, their carer and staff.

The Admission2Discharge (A2D) Together toolkit provides a number of interactive tools to improve the hospital journey and experience for someone with a disability.  

The website provides information and resources for people with a disability, carers, GPs, health staff and disability service providers.

The resources promote inclusion of everyone involved in the person with disability’s care and improve the transfer of information into and out of hospitals.

The website includes:  

  • A video showing the A2D Together Folder in action, when Bruce has a fall and goes to hospital
  • A carers story about the A2D Together Folder
  • Interactive resources to be completed, downloaded and printed, to develop an A2D Together folder for people with a cognitive impairment or communication difficulties.

The Hospital support plan contains adequate medical information to be taken to hospital so that the person’s health and support needs are met during their admission.

A GP may be asked to complete this for someone with a disability.

  • Opportunities for further online education are available.
  • Information about the A2D Together Folder are available in easy English for people with a disability
  • Information for carers