Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 2017

The annual National Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Program has commenced.

Protection against influenza requires annual vaccination with a vaccine containing the most recent strains.

There is new evidence that the effectiveness of the influenza vaccine wanes over three or four months and it is important to be protected when influenza is most common (around August).

Providers should continue to offer vaccination throughout the influenza season. In particular, those at risk groups can benefit from vaccination at any time of the year.

There are low vaccination rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children under five years of age, pregnant women and people who suffer from chronic illnesses. Please consider what you can do to reach at risk patients in your clinic.

Before administering a flu shot, check you have the correct vaccine for the person’s age.

A range of resources, including posters and factsheets on the 2017 seasonal influenza vaccines will be distributed to vaccination providers across Australia. They are also available to order and download on the Immunise Australia Publications & Resources website.

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