Private Market Hepatitis B shortage

12 April 2017

NSW Health is aware of a potential shortage of adult formulation Hepatitis B vaccine in the private market. There are no shortages of Hepatitis B vaccine in the government funded vaccination programs.

Immunisation providers in NSW might receive queries regarding health care students who are trying to access the vaccine in advance of their clinical placements.

Options include:

  • Those <20 years of age can receive 3 doses of paediatric hepatitis B vaccine, and;
  • Those ≥20 years of age can receive Twinrix vaccine (combined hepatitis A and B vaccine).

Schedules should be administered as per the Table 4.5.1: Recommended schedules for use of monovalent hepatitis B and hepatitis B combination vaccines in the Hepatitis B chapter in The Australian Immunisation Handbook (10th edition).​​