Residential aged care leaflets - 10 Questions to Ask

A new resource has recently been released to assist consumers when navigating a path into residential care.

As aged care continues to move into the model of consumer directed care, it is imperative that information is available to support decision making. ‘Asking the Right Questions’ can make all the difference when selecting a new home for yourself or family member.

A partnership of aged care professionals, consumers, carers and nurses has developed a series of brochures covering a range of topics such as facility staffing levels, cultural needs in residential care, availability of GP services, applicable contracts and fees and more.

These leaflets have been developed and endorsed by a variety of relevant organisations including, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association, Central and Sydney GP Network, Palliative Aged Care Network NSW, COTA NSW, Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association, Carers Australia NSW, PICAC NSW-ACT and Country Women’s Association NSW.

10 Questions to Ask Leaflets download