RACGP calls for use of electronic communication between providers

In a recent position statement, the RACGP has called on the government and other health services to integrate with the electronic communication systems of general practices. The GPs have led the way in moving towards electronic clinical and administrative systems, which is lacking in the rest of the health sector.

General practices are often required to manually transfer information from their systems into paper-based or online forms. This information is sent via post, fax, online upload, or unsecured email. On the other hand, hardcopy letters, reports and requests must be manually scanned and added to the patient's clinical record. These inefficiencies create "a heavy burden on GPs", diverting their time away from patient care, safety and privacy.

The college asked for:

  • All electronic communication templates and systems should where required, use existing data and information from general practice clinical information systems to pre-populate documents and forms
  • All communications should be:
    • Created and sent from within the general practice’s electronic clinical software system
    • Automatically received into the local patient electronic health record via the clinical software system inbox
  • All electronic communications to external healthcare providers and agencies should be sent securely using secure messaging to align with to best practice data privacy handling principles protect re patient privacy and confidentiality.

For more information read the position statement.

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