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Black Dog StepCare Service

What is the Black Dog StepCare Service?

The Black Dog Institute has developed an integrated adult online mental health screening tool for GP practices. The StepCare tool is a self-screening tool that identifies adults with anxiety, depression, and/or high levels of alcohol consumption. The results of the screening are provided in real time to the GP thus providing timely, cost-efficient early intervention and treatment for patients.


GP practices in the CESPHN region.

How to access the service?

Fill in the expression of interest formsion of interest form.

Who will deliver the service?

Name Black Dog Institute
Psychiatry Support Line for GPs

What is the GP Psychiatry Support Line?

The GP Psychiatry Support Line is a free service for GPs to help manage the care of mental health consumers, providing advice on diagnosis, investigation, medication and safety plan.

The Psychiatry Support Line for GPs has been established in response to GPs indicating they would like timely access to psychiatry expertise.

The service is about keeping consumers whose conditions are able to be treated within primary care under the care of their GP.

For an overview video about the program, visit


This service is for GPs who practice within the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN region.

The service is free, and is available Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm. You can use it as many times as you wish. The service will respond to your enquiry within 24 hours.

This is NOT a triage or referral service, nor an emergency service. In case of emergency or crisisency or crisis, please ring 000.

How to access the service?

To access this service, you will first need to register. To complete the registration, you will need your AHPRA Registration Number, and practice details. There are options to use Secure Messaging once you are registered. GPs can register for the service by visiting by calling 1800 16 17 18.

Who will deliver the service?


ProCare Mental Health Services


1800 16 17 18 - (02) 4967 5203


Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) Mental Health education program

What is the Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) mental health education program?

The program provides mental health education to the staff in the Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) in the CESPHN region. CESPHN has commissioned Dementia Australia and St Vincent Hospital Network to provide a free virtual classroom to all staff working in your facility.

Attending the virtual classroom “How to support the emotional and mental health of older persons living in residential care” gives knowledge in:

  • what is mental health, including different types of mental health conditions
  • prevalence of mental health conditions in residential aged care including those associated with cognitive impairment and dementia
  • what can impact on a person’s emotional and mental health
  • identifying signs and symptoms of mental health conditions
  • strategies for supporting a person’s positive mental health
  • helpful resources and services.

Which RACFs are eligible for the program?

The RACFs under the St. Vincent Hospital can access the program with St Vincent’s Hospital Network (SVHN) and the RACFs in the Sydney LHD and South Eastern Sydney LHD can access the program with Dementia Australia. The RACFs under this program falls under the Sydney LGA and Woollahra LGA.

Who will deliver the program?

Please see below for the mental health education provider as per the region.

NameRACFs regionContact Team name

St. Vincent Hospital Network

St Vincent Area

St Vincent Older people Mental Health Team

Ph: Ph +61 2 8382 1540

Dementia Australia

South Eastern Sydney LHD region and Sydney LHD region

Customer Relations Consultant, Rebecca Rogers–

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Training and Professional Development Resource

This resource has been developed through implementation of the pdf Central and Eastern Sydney Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan (1.68 MB) . It supports a number of actions in the Regional Plan and aims to facilitate access to relevant professional development. It is a summary of organisations who deliver training relevant to people working in mental health and suicide prevention. The organisations are categorised by the priority population groups identified in the Regional Plan.

Please click here for further details on the Training and Professional Development Opportunities resource

External Training Resources for GPs

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) provides professional development opportunities for health professionals working across a range of settings and organisations across NSW.

HETI has recently announced that their Short Units (each 50 hours duration) are now available to support skill development in working with clients with mental health issues across the lifespan.

There are three types of Short Units Available:

Type of Short UnitAssociated CostMethod of Delivery


$500 Per Unit

  • Work at your own pace.


$500 Per Unit

  • Defined start and end date over five weeks.
  • Involves working with others online and in discussions.
  • May require virtual attendance at tutorials or practical sessions.


$885 Per Unit

  • Defined start and end date over five weeks.
  • Involves working with others online and in discussions.
  • May require virtual attendance at tutorials or practical sessions.

For further information visit HETI Website or View professional development details and availability in the HETI press release.