Mental Health

Vision: to work collaboratively towards accessible, wellness focused, culturally safe mental health care

We are committed to building a person centred, integrated system of mental health care in the central and eastern Sydney region. We work with the community to ensure people with any level of mental health need can access timely and wellness focused care that optimises recovery and supports self-management of mental health needs.

PHNs are funded to ensure a regional approach to mental health and suicide prevention by developing evidence based plans and service mapping that identify needs and gaps, increase efficiencies and encourage integration of mental health services and supports.

Primary mental health care and clinical service delivery is moving towards a Stepped Care Approach as part of the mental health reforms implemented by the Department of Health. The Department of Health has provided guidance documents to PHNs to inform their planning across the identified priority areas.

For information on our mental health and suicide prevention needs assessments, and operational plan visit the Strategic planning page. You can also read more about co-design and the tendering process on our website.