On 1 July 2016 CESPHN began implementing a commissioning model with responsibility for identifying health needs in the region and using funds to procure the provision of services from external providers. Apart from exceptional circumstances, for example, where there is market failure or market limitations, CESPHN will serve as a commissioning organisation and develop quality primary health care services and associated interventions that deliver better health outcomes for patients, meet population health needs and reduce inequalities within the resources available. The commissioned services will address specific regional priorities and national health priorities as determined by the Commonwealth. CESPHN has developed a Commissioning Framework with the aim of providing a framework within which health services will be planned, commissioned and procured.

Commissioning is a continual and repeating cycle involving the development and implementation of services based on planning, procurement, monitoring and evaluation. Commissioning describes a broad set of linked activities, including needs assessment, priority setting, service design and procurement through contracts, monitoring of service delivery, and evaluation and review.

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