Monitoring and evaluation

Managing performance

PHN Commissioning staff will work with successful applicants of commissioned activities to establish monitoring and reporting timeframes, based on the PHN Monitoring and Evaluation Framework protocols.

Key performance indicators, as outlined in tender documents, will form a key aspect of monitoring and managing performance.

Log into our eProcurement portal on Tenderlink to access your contract and other reporting documents.


CESPHN has a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework which has been developed to provide a structured plan for all programs and activities delivered. The Framework focuses on what programs produce (outputs) and the change programs effect (outcomes and impacts). Our Framework is used to inform program design and development at all levels (funding area, program area, individual activity).

The key aspects of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework are:

  • program profile including a program logic
  • approaches to monitoring and evaluation and key stakeholder strategy
  • evaluation questions
  • monitoring plan
  • evaluation plan; and
  • data collection formats and analysis strategy.

All activities commissioned through CESPHN will be required to provide data in line with our Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to ensure activities are producing what is intended and change can be measured effectively.

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