Primary Care Research


CESPHN’s research team is committed to assisting local researchers to conduct high quality, ethical primary care research. 

Our aim is to involve GPs, practices nurses, allied health and other relevant staff from inception through to publication. Through this process our knowledge-rich local primary health care workforce can better shape and be connected to the research being conducted in our region, as well as drive areas for quality improvement. 

CESPHN accepts research requests from: 

  • External research proposals seeking endorsement or promotion to stakeholders (for example, to recruit participants) 
  • External research proposals seeking participation in developing the proposal and/or carrying out elements of a research project. 

For all research requests please complete the form from the link below, and a research officer will be in touch. 

Research Request Form

For all additional information, please email:

Did you know?

ClinTrial Refer connects GPs to current clinical trials. For More information go to

The Central and Eastern Sydney Primary and Community Health Cohort/Linkage Resource (CES-P&CH)

The resource

The linkage dataset currently has 10 datasets and over 170 million records (20.7 million for CES) from 2006 onwards including: 45 and Up Study questionnaire data (including the SEEF - Social, Economic and Environmental Factors sub-study) linked to Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), Admitted Patient Data Collection (APDC), Emergency Department Data Collection (EDDC), Mental Health Ambulatory Data Collection (MHADC), Cancer Registry (CCR) and Deaths Data (RBDM and COD).


CES-P&CH is built on strong and long-standing partnership between the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity (CPHCE) at the University of New South Wales and the Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) and the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Care Network (CESPHN).

Project website

The project has a webpage on the CPHCE website. This page includes information about CES-P&CH including a description of the project, research forum reports, lists of publications and conference presentations see

Social Isolation Report

This study explored two measures of possible social disconnectedness (social isolation and living alone) and their impact on health, health care and mortality using the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary and Community Health Cohort/Linkage Resource.

  pdf Click here to read the Social Isolation Report. (1.80 MB)