Practice Incentives


The Practice Incentive Program (PIP) provides financial incentives to general practices. It aims to encourage improvements in quality of care, access and outcomes of all patients. Practices must either be accredited or become accredited within 12 months to be eligible for the PIP.

The PIP is administered by Department of Human Services on behalf of the Department of Health. There are 11 individual incentives which make up the PIP each with their own payment structures. Payments are made to both the practice and the individual practitioner, and are generally calculated based on practice size.

A new PIP Quality Improvement incentive will start on 1 August 2019. This PIP is designed to encourage improvements in quality care, enhance capacity, improve access and improve health outcomes for patients. This program is currently in the final stages of development, for the most recent program updates visit the Australian Department of Human Services website

For more information about the PIP and the individual incentives, visit Practice Incentive Program website.