Practice Support and Development

Our PHN works with and supports over 
600 general practices

How does CESPHN support general practice?  

Our general practice support offers a range of ongoing support in line with your needs and will work in partnership with you and your practice to support the implementation of your quality improvement activities. 

Under our various programs, CESPHN will work with primary care providers and its neighbourhood to enhance the core functions of primary health care in:

  • Providing comprehensive care that requires a team of care providers
  • Providing health care that is relationship-based with an orientation toward the whole person
  • Coordinating care across the broader health care system, including specialty care, hospitals,home health care, and community services and support services
  • Delivering accessible services and responsive to patients’ preferences regarding access
  • Demonstrating a commitment to quality improvement and population health management, including use of health information technology to support quality improvement activities


What does Practice Support offer ?   

We support general practice by offering:

  • Accreditation for General Practice
  • Practice Management - MBS item numbers, Practice Incentive Program (PIP), Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS), Aboriginal Health and document management systems
  • Workforce - Recruitment, retention and training strategies
  • Training and education
  • Important information on current initiatives
  • Opportunities to network


To book a face-to-face consultation or remote support to discuss your practice needs, contact the practice support and development officers’ team on:


PH: 1300 986 991 | 


Your Practice Support and Development Officers:

Jan Sadler,Fleur Niven, Sarah Arja, Aya Almajzoub, Michaela Fenech,Sara Matin and Juliani Cardoso.