Heart Failure Companion

Canterbury Cluster Manager
Kim - 8752 4954 | k.sherman@cesphn.com.au 

Sutherland Cluster Manager
Jason - 9330 9974 | j.phillps@cesphn.com.au 

The PHN is piloting a program seeking better outcomes for your patients aged 75 years and over with heart failure.

The Heart Failure (HF) Companion program is an 8-week self-paced program that blends education and motivational support. The program has been developed by experts at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and reinforces the key messages that patients receive from health professionals, with the aim of improving their self-management and staying well.

The HF Companion program is delivered through an iPad that is supplied to participants for the duration of the program. Evaluation of this project will provide information on the acceptability and usability of a technology-based intervention in an older heart failure population.

To support your practice to promote the program to your eligible patients the PHN will provide financial assistance for your practice to:

  • Identify eligible patients and promote the program to them
  • Assist PHN staff in training a group of registered patients in the use of iPads and the HF Companion program
  • Provide space within the practice (if available) for PHN staff to train a small group of your registered patients. Please note that training can be scheduled to occur at a time that is convenient to the practice

If your practice is interested in engaging in this pilot to seek better outcomes for your older patients with heart failure please contact Kim Sherman CESPHN, who will set up a meeting with your practice to confirm details.

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