Free Active Living fitness classes for your patients living with COPD or CCF

Canterbury Cluster Manager
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Sutherland Cluster Manager
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There is very good evidence that maintenance fitness classes help patients to maintain the benefits of heart failure and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, and reduce the frequency and severity of exacerbations.

Active Living is an inclusive community-based fitness class based on a validated program developed by the Lung Foundation Australia. The exercise program is specifically designed for people with stable chronic lung conditions and stable heart failure who have completed rehabilitation with the intention of keeping them well, socially connected and out of hospital.

A needs assessment of the Canterbury and Sutherland local government areas revealed an important gap in health service delivery for people with stable chronic lung conditions and heart failure. Funding for the Active Living classes has been provided on a trial basis to address this service gap by increasing access to appropriate exercise post-rehabilitation. Active Living classes are led by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists who have completed the Lung Foundation Australia’s training, and is supported by the local pulmonary and heart failure rehabilitation services.

In addition to addressing the gap in health service delivery, we are also investigating the feasibility of offering Active Living fitness classes to other community members who do not have chronic lung conditions or heart failure. We predict that the sustainability of Active Living will depend on achieving good attendance levels at the classes. Across the Sutherland LGA there are 7 classes per week, and there are 6 classes per week in the Canterbury LGA. Please follow the links to see class venues and times.

Completion of a referral form is not required; simply give your patient the relevant brochure for their area (Canterbury or Sutherland) and a copy of the registration form for them to complete and bring to their first class. Please note – if your patient answers “yes” to any of the 7 Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) questions on page 2 of the registration form, they will require medical clearance to participate in the Active Living fitness classes.

Key documents

“The program helps motivate me to keep exercising” “Exercising with others motivates you” 
(Ruth, age 87)

“I enjoy the program because it helps me to continue to be able to do things for myself”
(Jerry, age 77)

“Nobody pushes me to exercise hard, but everybody supports me to do what I can”
(Ron, age 86)

“I think it's being with other people when you exercise in a group, it's more like a social thing for you to get to be with other people. And the fact that it gives you more energy. You feel healthier”
(Margorie, age 85)