Staying Well at Home

Canterbury Cluster Manager
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Sutherland Cluster Manager
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Analysis has shown that seasonal hospital bed congestion is largely attributed to extended hospital stays by people aged 75 years and older with existing chronic lung disease, heart failure, or frailty. The Staying Well at Home Project is an opportunity for Central and Eastern Sydney PHN to pilot innovative solutions to this complex issue.

The first phase of the Staying Well at Home Project commenced in January 2017 and involved a detailed needs assessment and mapping of existing services in two demographically diverse local government areas (Canterbury and the Sutherland Shire) within the Central and Eastern PHN region. We reviewed available data and consulted local service providers, and reviewed best-practice guidelines for the latest evidence.

After reviewing the needs assessment and exploring feasible strategies, the Staying Well at Home Advisory Committee provided design and implementation support three interventions Active Living Fitness Classes, Heart Failure Companion and Frailty Interventions.