Intellectual Disability

Vision: To provide effective and efficient health care for people with intellectual disability (ID) by strengthening the skills of GPs and other health professionals, and improving system integration. 

There are over 13,000 people in the Central and Eastern Sydney region with intellectual disability, with a high proportion of those being children.  Families and carers also impacted.

Compared with the general population, people with intellectual disability experience:

  • Over twice the rate of avoidable deaths.
  • More than twice the rate of emergency department and hospital admissions
  • Hospital admissions costing twice as much
  • Higher rates of physical and mental health conditions.
  • Lower rates of preventative healthcare

 A population group who already face multiple barriers to accessing healthcare:

  • 24% of Aboriginal young people living in the CESPHN region have been diagnosed with ID
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) with ID