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2021 Flu Vaccine order pre-allocations – What does this mean for your practice?  

The online NSW State Vaccine Ordering Centre opened for flu vaccines orders on Monday 8 March 2021. Practices will have received an email containing instructions for the commencement of 2021 Influenza vaccine ordering last week. 

All practices have been given a pre-allocation for their first influenza vaccine order. This pre-allocation is based off information gathered from the flu survey submitted late 2020 by practices as well as influenza vaccine usage last flu season. Practices need to login and approve their pre-allocation before the order is confirmed for shipment.  

Pre-allocated orders can be reviewed from the 8 of March 2021.

  1. Log into the NSW Vaccine Centre online ordering system  
  2. Navigate to the Influenza Vaccine ordering page  
  3. Review your influenza order pre-allocation: To reduce the number of vaccines, manually change the number for each cohort under ‘Doses Ordered’. You cannot increase the order.  
  4. Once you are happy with the order, click ‘approve’  
  5. You will be then asked to confirm again that you approve the order, click to confirm.  
  6. If you make a mistake, contact the NSW Vaccine Centre on 1300 656 132  
  7. When the vaccines arrive at your practice, confirm the order is correct on the online ordering system. You are then able to place a second order (if required).  
  8. For subsequent orders, only order what you can feasibly administer in a maximum four-week period (please be mindful of wastage).

Delivery of 2021 Influenza vaccines   

Distribution of 2021 influenza vaccines will commence late March 2021. Because of the volume of influenza orders, it can take around 3 weeks for all first orders to be delivered. Practices are required to document receipt of all vaccine orders via the online ordering website. This first delivery should contain a 4 week supply of the flu vaccine. 

Subsequent orders for Influenza vaccines  

The State Vaccine Ordering website will re-open for subsequent flu vaccine orders once deliveries of ALL first-round orders are completed. Practices should regularly check the website for further information. 

Reporting of influenza vaccine administration is now mandatory.  

A reminder that it is now mandatory for immunisation providers to document the administration of all Influenza vaccines on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Penalties may apply for any immunisation provider who fails to comply.  



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