COVID-19 Vaccine

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Support from Department of Health:

Support from CESPHN: 

Vaccines Eligibility Checker
AIR - Mandatory reporting 
My Health Record
  • My Health Record system upgraded (25 Feb 2021) with the following enhancements: 
    • a new immunisation view in the National Provider Portal
    • improved user settings for consumers
    • a reminder to update emergency contact details for consumers
Education & Training

Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program

  • The training course will cover the handling and administration of COVID-19 vaccines, including use of multi-dose vials, documentation and reporting, and AEFIs.
  • Additional COVID-19 training modules include specific training for:

    • Pfizer/BioNTech 
    • Oxford University/AstraZeneca
Advice for COVID-19 vaccine providers

A collection of fact sheets and guides for health professionals containing advice and guidance on delivering COVID-19 vaccinations, including:

Consent forms & guidelines for providers
Vaccine brands
Site requirements for general practice
Participation in Phase 1b roll-out
Surge Workforce
Vaccine Hesitancy Tools
Clinical Tools
Department of Health 
ATAGI - Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation
TGA - Therapeutic Goods Administration
Safety and Adverse Events
COVID-19 vaccine rollout support materials/resources

DOH posters for your practice:

DOH Campaign Materials:

NSW Health posters and signs for your practice

Data Extraction Tools
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