Immunisation Alerts and Notices

The latest alerts and notices distributed by NSW Health, Public Health Units, Immunise Australia, Australian Government Department of Health and the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance will be posted here.


12 August: Vaccines from community pharmacy - at a glance

12 August: Meningococcal vaccine 2019 recommendations – new resource

12 August: Avoiding shoulder injury related to vaccine administration

5 August: Changes to accessing the Australian Immunisation Register

29 July: Meningococcal peak period approaching - reminder to vaccinate

22 July: NEW Cold Chain Toolkit for NSW Immunisation Providers

22 July: Reminder: NSW Health cold chain online learning module due by 31 July 2019

17 July: Antenatal pertussis vaccination recommendations

15 July: FluCARE – improving reporting and management of influenza outbreaks in RACFs

8 July: PRODA update: AIR vaccination provider transition from authentication file to PRODA

5 July: GP rules for vaccine storage strengthened

1 July: The National Vaccine Storage Guidelines 'Strive for 5' third edition now available!

24 June: Refugee Week: are your refugee and humanitarian patients’ vaccinations up to date?

19 June: NSW Health reminds GPs about the importance of effective cold chain management of vaccines

16 June: Measles vaccination catch-up guide

13 June: Travellers – Have you had 2 doses of Measles Vaccine?

12 June: Measles Alert – Sydney Airport and residents of Leumeah and Central Coast

6 June: Best Practice Software error message when transmitting to AIR

6 June: Tamiflu or Relenza treatment for influenza

31 May: Reassurance for parents: How safe are the 2019 strains of influenza vaccine?

31 May: Steep rise in NSW influenza activity

28 May: Can a person with an egg allergy receive the 2019 influenza vaccine?

27 May: April flu cases six times higher than worst April on record

17 May: Rent a fridge during influenza season!

23 April: Meningococcal ACWY vaccine for adolescents 

17 April: Measles Alert in Sydney and Maitland 

15 April: New MMR vaccine recommendations

15 April: Adolescent vaccines on the Australian Immunisation Register

15 April: Webinar for all healthcare professionals: 2019 influenza vaccination - 1 May 2019

15 April: ATAGI advice on seasonal influenza vaccines in 2019

8 April: EOI - Practice Nurse for Immunisation working group

2 April: Measles contracted in two infants, too young to be vaccinated, in Haymarket and Eastwood areas

1 April: Influenza and pertussis vaccination in pregnancy