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IMMU.png 22 September Immunisation Weekly Update


WATCH NOW: 23 September GP update webinar

READ NOW: 22 September Immunisation Weekly newsletter 



Weekly Update
22 September Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 23 September GP update webinar

READ NOW: 22 September Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Excess Pfizer vaccines
  • Temporary exemption form for people with a past SARS-CoV-2 infection
  • Renew delegations in PRODA for AIR access
  • COVID-19 vaccination in young adolescents



15 September Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 16 September GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 15 September Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • NSW School vaccination program
  • Everyone aged over 12 is now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination
  • Updated ATAGI Clinical guidance
  • Drive-Through Vaccination Clinics
  • COVID-19 vaccination in workplaces
  • Updated NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards
  • COVID-19 Delta variant in schools and early childhood education


8 September Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 9 September GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 8 September Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Overseas COVID-19 vaccinations, reporting to AIR
  • COVID-19 Digital certificates and mixed vaccination schedules
  • Vaccination advice for patients who have had COVID-19 infection
  • Consent to vaccination for minors
  • Updates to the Catch-up Calculator
  • Authorised nurse immuniser course - Commonwealth supported places
  • Statewide Protocol for supply or administration of COVID-19 vaccine
  • Moderna vaccine - provisional approval in individuals aged 12 years and older
  • Extended deadline for authorised workers in LGAs of concern
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme


1 September Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 2 September GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 1 September Immunisation Weekly newslette- topics include:


  • COVID-19 vaccination following infection with COVID-19
  • Call out for RNs and pharmacist immunisers to work shifts in general practice delivering COVID-19 vaccines
  • Pfizer for adolescents aged 12 -15 years
  • Recording COVID-19 vaccinations for non-Medicare patients on the AIR
  • No Fault COVID-19 Indemnity Scheme
  • Pfizer aged care vaccine hubs
  • Spikevax (Moderna) mandatory e-learning module now available
  • NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards
  • Childhood coverage rates continue to improve within CESPHN region
  • Meningococcal Vaccination
  • COVID-19 live stream update for GPs
  • New resources



25 August Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   26 Aug GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 25 Aug Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • CESPHN Scholarship for Authorised Nurse Immuniser course
  • Call out for RNs to work shifts in general practice delivering COVID-19 vaccines
  • Priority Pfizer appointments
  • COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to be expanded to 16-39-year-olds from August 30
  • Clinical guidance on COVID-19 vaccine in Australia in 2021 (v7.0)
  • NDIS children aged 12 to 15
  • Name change of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca to VAXZEVRIA
  • Commonwealth Booking System
  • COVID-19 vaccination services must be bulk-billed



18 August Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   19 Aug GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 18 Aug Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Maintaining routine immunisation services during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Pfizer doses for people aged 16-39 in LGAs of concern
  • Aged care and disability COVID-19 vaccine clinics
  • Authorised worker priority appointments
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker updates
  • COVID-19 vaccines for Medicare ineligible patients
  • TGA provisionally approves Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine


11 August Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   12 Aug GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 11 Aug Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:



  • Call-out for GPs, pharmacists, and nurses to assist in vaccination
  • Who is eligible for Pfizer?
  • Access to Pfizer vaccine for eligible patients aged ≥ 60 years
  • NSW Health walk-in vaccination clinics
  • Aged care and disability vaccination clinics
  • Incentive payments for in-reach clinics
  • Missing COVID-19 vaccination records on AIR
  • Vaccination rates by geographic regions
  • Primary care approach to thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome
  • Contraindications and precautionary conditions for AstraZeneca
  • Contraindications and precautionary conditions for Pfizer



4 August Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   5 Aug GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 4 Aug Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • ATAGI clinical guidance - version 6.0
  • Pfizer vaccine for at risk 12-15 year old
  • Pfizer vaccine for year 12 sutdents
  • Overseas COVID-19 vaccines in AIR
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • Closure of AIR authentication files
  • Pharmacists to administer AZ vaccine
  • NSWISS helpline


28 July Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   29 July GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 28 July Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • ATAGI response to COVID-19 outbreak
  • Pfizer vaccine approved for people over 12 years
  • Overseas COVID-19 first dose
  • Contraindications to COVID-19 vaccine
  • Prioritise people over 70 years
  • Hubs for disability and aged care workers


21 July Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   22 July GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 21 July Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Webinar: Fighting the Delta variant
  • Excess AstraZeneca vaccines
  • New pregnancy advice for women
  • Childhood vaccinations during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Multicultural Outreach Stakeholder pack
  • Who is eligible to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine?
14 July Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   15 July GP update webinar

READ NOW: 14 July Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Shorter interval between AstraZeneca doses in outbreak situations
  • Who is eligible for the Pfizer vaccine?
  • Identifying, diagnosing and treating TTS
  • COVID-19 vaccine home visits
  • Prioritisation of aged care workers
  • Two zoster vaccines now available
  • Where to report a cold chain breach
  • Mandatory reporting of all NIP vaccines
7 July Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   8 July GP update webinar and see Q&A

READ NOW:  7 July Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Pfizer vaccine in general practice
  • Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for agde care workers
  • New protocol for supply/administration of COVID-19 vaccine
  • In-depth constul MBS item for all ages
  • PIP COVID-19 vaccine incentive 
  • MBS telehealth service extended 
  • COVID-19 vaccine claim scheme
30 June Immunisation Weekly Update

Letter: National COVID Vaccine Taskforce

WATCH NOW:   1 July GP update webinar

READ NOW: 30 June Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • AstraZeneca vaccine access for people aged 18-39
  • New indemnity provisions
  • Roving vaccination clinics for RACF
  • Reminder to vaccinate
  • Expiring doses of AZ vaccine
  • Practice Incentive Payments
  • Planned and unplanned power outages 
23 June Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   24 June GP update webinar

READ NOW: 23 June Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Updated ATAGI advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine
  • Clinical alert - thrombosis with thrombocytopaenia syndrome (TTS) update
  • New MBS item: immunisation consultations for patients over 50 years
  • Second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine
  • COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Vaccines administered by another provider: uploading to AIR
  • Influenza vaccinations for children
16 June Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:   17 June GP update webinar

READ NOW: 16 June Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include: 

  • Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine now recommended for pregnant women
  • Timing between influenza and COVID-19 vaccines now 7 days
  • New MBS item for immunisation home visits 
  • Reporting aged care worker COVID-19 vaccine status now mandatory 


9 June Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:  10 June GP update webinar

READ NOW: 9 June Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Minimum interval between COVID-19 and other vaccines now 7 days
  • Support for the transter of AstraZeneca vaccine 
  • COVID-19 vaccines now available for people 40 years and over
  • New reporting of aged care workforce
  • COVID-19 digital certificate
  • Webinar: How PenCAT and POLAR can assist with COVID-19 vaccination


2 June Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:  3 June GP update webinar

READ NOW: 2 June Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Expansion of COVID-19 vaccine rollout in general practices
  • AIR Authentication file – closing dates
  • Influenza vaccination in pregnancy
  • Interruption to vaccination
  • Vaccination our ticket out of COVID-19 pandemic


26 May Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:  27 May GP update webinar

READ NOW: 26 May Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Pfizer vaccine storage conditions
  • Influenza immunisation data
  • Overcoming vaccine hesitancy
  • Non-medicare patients COVID-19 vaccine access
  • ATAGI 2021 annual statement 


19 May Immunisation Weekly Update

POP QUIZ! Influenza 2021

WATCH NOW:  20 May GP update May GP update webinar

READ NOW: 19 May Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Get vaccinated against flu
  • Adverse events following immunisation AEFI
  • Updated ATAGI clinical guidalce on COVID-19 vaccine (v3.0)
  • In-reach COVID-19 vaccinations for aged care workers
  • AstraZeneca stock expiry
  • General practices not participating in COVID-19 vaccination program


12 May Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:  13 May GP update webinar

READ NOW: 12 May Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Fluad Quad - urgent action required
  • Guidance on the use of multi-dose vials
  • Influenza vaccine requirements to enter RACFs
  • NSW vaccination centre now open - Sydney Olympic Park
  • Pen CS COVID-19 vaccine rollout




5 May Immunisation Weekly Update

POP QUIZ! Is it a cold chain breach?

WATCH NOW:  6 May GP update webinar

READ NOW: 5 May Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Childhood immunisation coverage data
  • Zostavax catch-up program
  • COVID-19 vaccine for individuals aged 50 to 69
  • Influenza vaccination safety
  • Timing of COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines
  • Interval between AZ vaccine doses
28 Apr Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW:  29 April GP update webinar

READ NOW: 28 Apr Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:

  • Recalibration of COVID-19 vaccination program
  • COVID-19 vaccine training update
  • Reporting AEFIs
21 Apr Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 22 April GP update webinar

READ NOW: 21 Apr Immunisation newsletter - topics include:

  • My Health Record Shared Health Summary
  • COVID-19 vaccine training UPDATE

 POP QUIZ! AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine multi-dose vial storage 

14 Apr Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW15 April GP update webinar

READ NOW14 Apr Immunisation Weekly newsletter - topics include:


  • Meningococcal B Vaccination
  • AstraZeneca - New recommendations
  • AstraZeneca - vaccine storage
  • Needles and syringes
7 Apr Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 8 April GP update webinar 

READ NOW: 7 Apr Immunisation weekly newsletter -  topics include:

  • GPs needed for new mass vaccination centre
  • Preparation for practices NOT participating in Phase 1b
  • AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: clinical information 
  • COVID-19 vaccine: operational information 


30 Mar Immunisation Weekly Update

WATCH NOW: 8 April webinar - GP update

Read 30 Mar Immunisation weekly newsletter here! Topics include:

  • COVID-19 vaccines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • COVID-19: General updates 
  • COVID-19: Clinical updates 
  • Influenza (Flu) vaccine 2021
  • Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations
  • COVID-19 Phase 1b: Eligibility definitions
24 Mar Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read Immunisation 24 March Immunisation Weekly Newsletter here
    • Ordering masks
    • Patients without Medicare - how to report vaccines to AIR
    • Timeframes to access the AIR
    • The National Booking System
    • Protect your vaccines - what to do in a power outage
    • Update your clinical software
    • COVID-19 active vaccine safety data
    • COVID-19 vaccines - is it true?
    • Europe's AstraZeneca pause
    • General Practices join the COVID-19 vaccination program
    • Infection control training module 


17 Mar Immunisation Weekly Update
10 Mar Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read 10 March Immunisation Weekly Update here: 
    • COVID-19 vaccine delivery to commence in general practice
    • Clinical Software: new COVID-19 vaccine updates
    • 2021 Seasonal Influenza
    • Is your CPR qualification up to date?
    • Anaphylaxis and AEFIs
    • FREE anaphylaxis e-training course
    • Anaphylaxis response kit
    • Replacing the battery in your Clever Logger data logger
  • GP update: 11 Mar webinar
3 Mar Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read 3 March Immunisation Weekly Update here
    • COVID-19 vaccination training: AstraZeneca module
    • My Health Record system upgraded
    • Mandatory reporting to the AIR commences now!
    • COVID-19 webinars
    • Vaccine Eligibility Checker
    • New Easy Read resources now available
    • Frail older people: COVID-19 vaccine decision guide
    • COVID-19 vaccine related education modules
  • GP update: 4 Mar webinar
24 Feb Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read weekly newsletter here 
    • Immunisation website update
    • Webinar: DoH general practice COVID-19 update
    • COVID vaccines eligibility checker
    • Advice for COVID vaccine providers
    • Services Australia: Get ready for your COVID-19 vaccination in three easy steps
    • COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca training module now available
  • GP update: 25 Feb webinar
17 Feb Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read weekly newsletter here
    • Immunisation latest news – are you always up to date?
    • Mandatory reporting Australian Immunisation Register
    • AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine approved
    • Pfizer vaccine (COMIRNATY) doses arrive in Australia
    • Information and patient resources for vaccine providers
    • Advice for COVID-19 vaccine providers
    • COVID-19 vaccine resource collection
    • COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program
    • Updated tool for Zostavax® screening tool
    • NCIRS webinar : COVID-19 vaccination program in Australia
    • Attention SESLHD Nurses
10 Feb Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read 10 Feb Immunisation Weekly Update here 
    • Mandatory reporting to the Australian Immunisation Register
    • Online COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program now available
    • New Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine website launches
    • TGA COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Hub
    • NCIRS COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ page
    • Updated screening tool for  contraindications to vaccination with Zostavax
    • Upcoming NCIRS webinars - Out of the starting blocks
3 Feb Immunisation Weekly Update
  • Read 3 Feb immunisation weekly update here 
    • COVID-19 vaccine training program
    • Immunisation data sources
    • FAQ on Australia's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
    • Childhood Immunisation Coverage Rates in SESLHD
    • Update on Australia's COVID-19 vaccines
27 Jan Immunisation Weekly Update
20 Jan Immunisation Weekly Update
13 Jan Immunisation Weekly Update
 5 Jan Immunisation Weekly Update
 23 Dec Immunisation Weekly Update
16 Dec Immunisation Weekly Update
9 Dec Immunisation Weekly Update
2 Dec Immunisation Weekly Update



23 Nov Immunisation Weekly Update
17 Nov Immunisation Weekly Update
17 Nov Immunisation Weekly Update


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