Resources for women and families

There is a suite of patient resources available that women may find helpful during their pregnancy at St George or Sutherland Hospital.

Pregnancy care options

  pdf Your pregnancy care options at Sutherland and St George (216 KB)

Services for Chinese and Nepali women

document pdf text pdf Centering pregnancy - Chinese brochure (771 KB)
document pdf text pdf Centering pregnancy - Nepali brochure (510 KB)

Classes and tours

Childbirth and parenting programs:

Maternity ward tours:

  • St George - Saturdays at 2.30pm, appointment requirement (phone 9113 2162), meet at Level 1 lifts, Gray St entrance
  • Sutherland - Saturdays at 2.30pm, no appointment required, meet at Level 3 outside Maternity Unit door
Birthing Information
Mental health and wellbeing

external linkPregnancy and new parents - beyondblue
Information for new and expectant parents on promoting mental health and wellbeing

external linkPerinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia

Vaccinations and pregnancy

Influenza vaccination during pregnancy

Vaccination remains the best protection pregnant women and their newborn babies have against influenza. Influenza infection during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery and even death in newborns and very young babies. The influenza vaccination is free to pregnant women on the National Immunisation Program.  Pregnant women can have the vaccine at any time during pregnancy and they benefit from it all through the year. 

An educational video is available for pregnant women here.

For further information, visit:

external link Immunise Australia Pregnant Women


NSW Health has introduced an antenatal pertussis vaccination program to offer free Boostrix vaccine to all pregnant women in the third trimester (preferably at 28 weeks).

The free whooping cough vaccine during pregnancy is the best way to protect newborns from day one with studies showing that it is more than 90 per cent effective in preventing whooping cough in infants.

document pdf text pdf Antenatal Pertussis Vaccination: Consumer Factsheet  (503 KB)

document pdf text pdf Antenatal Pertussis Vaccination: Consumer Information (A5 pad) (757 KB)

external link Protect newborns from whooping cough (including other languages)