Become an ANSC GP

GPs wishing to participate in the Antenatal Shared Care (ANSC) program need to be registered on the program.

document-pdf-text pdf ANSC Program information flyer – For GPs (275 KB)
document-pdf-text pdf ANSC Program information flyer – For Practice Manager/Staff (201 KB)

How to register as an ANSC GP

Registration for the ANSC program requires:

GPs with minimal obstetric experience will be required to attend a hospital clinical placement. Prior to attending the placement, NSW Health requires additional paperwork to be complete. Contact CESPHN for further information.

Once the registration process in complete, the ANSC GPs details will be sent to RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospitals. GPs participating on the ANSC program are known as a Recognised ANSC GP.

2018 ANSC Orientation Sessions

Monday 26 November . Dates for 2019 TBA 

6.30 - 7.00 pm         Dinner
7.00 - 9.00 pm         Orientation session

Education Centre
Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) 
Missenden Rd CAMPERDOWN  

Please contact Project Officer - Karen Wheeler for further information.

How to maintain Recognition as an ANSC GP

GPs undertaking antenatal shared care are expected to maintain Recognition as an ANSC GP provider and be familiar with ANSC guidelines and protocols. There are ongoing educational requirements for each RACGP triennium which require participating GPs to accrue at least 12 Category 2 points in antenatal or postnatal specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events over this three year period.

CSPHN hold regular pregnancy-related educational events and have listed pdf on-line educational (195 KB) activities available to all GPs. CESPHN educational activities are posted on our pdf events calendar (469 KB)  and the Sydney Health Weekly. Please contact the Maternal Health CPD Program Officer to clarify your CPD point status and to forward copies of completion certificates or RACGP CPD credit statement.

If the recommended best practice protocols are not followed and patient management problems occur, ANSC Recognition may be withdrawn. This is monitored and recorded by the GP Liaison Midwife and GPs will be contacted either by phone or letter to inform them of their protocol omission. Repeated omission or serious management problems will be reviewed by the ANSC Program Advisory Group. If Recognition is not maintained, a GP's name will be removed from the ANSC program database, which would preclude participation in ANSC with RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital.

What do women think about participating in the GP ANSC Program? 

document-pdf-text Download the pdf GP ANSC Program Patient Satisfaction Survey Report (1.00 MB)

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