RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury Hospital

ANSC program enquires, resources and GP registration
CESPHN Project Officer: Karen Wheeler  Ph: 9304 8706  ( Mon- Thurs 8.30am- 3.00pm)  

Routine clinical advice and support
GP Liaison Midwife: Clare Jordan. Ph: 0425 230 662   (Mon- Thurs 7.30am-5.00pm) 

For all urgent clinical concerns, please contact relevant hospital O&G Registrar via hospital switch :  RPA ph.9515 6111 Canterbury ph. 9787 0000

For relevant clinical information, please view Sydney Healthpathways 

Sevices Updates :  In response to COVID -19 

  • Gynaecology services at RPA Hospital 
    RPA have restricted their gynaecology ambulatory activities.
    Effective from 30/03/20:
    -  Monday and Wednesday semi urgent/urgent gynaecology clinics will be stopped.
    -  Urgent gynaecology patients will be seen in parallel with EPAS clinic daily. 
    -  All IVF procedures will be stopped, and consultations provided via telecommunication only
    - MESH clinic will provide consultations via telecommunication only.
  • Antenatal Education Classes - RPA & Canterbury 
    SLHD is no longer offering face-to-face antenatal education classes. Both hospitals are in the process of preparing online antenatal educational classes, more information to follow.