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 Revision of antenatal visit schedule: In response to COVID-19 (20 April)

RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital have revised the antenatal schedule of visits to adapt to COVID-19

Please review the following documents as guidance for antenatal care during this time. 

  • Click pdf here (80 KB)  for cover letter from Clinical Prof Jon Hyett - Head of High Risk Obstetrics, RPA Women and Babies
  • Click pdf here  (71 KB) for revised antenatal schedule of visits (updated 14 April : Noted to include routine 26-28 week GTT, pertussis vaccination b/n 20-32 weeks) 
  • Click here for video teleconference with Prof Jon Hyett : Antenatal care during COVID -19  RPA Women and Babies/Canterbury  
  • Click pdf here (165 KB) for GP summary to use in conjunction with revised antenatal schedule of visits 

These recommendations are for women attending both RPA Women and Babies and Canterbury Hospital for their antenatal care.

Additional information and sevices updates: In response to COVID -19 

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Canterbury Hospital 

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