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HealthPathways Sydney is an online local health information portal to support local GPs and health professionals to the point of consultation. It provides clinical decision support frameworks on how to assess and manage medical conditions, and how to appropriately refer patients to local services and specialists in the most efficient way.

HealthPathways Sydney is based on a highly successful model of collaboration developed in New Zealand. It has resulted in significant improvements in the way that hospitals and general practices share the care and clinical management of patients. It has reduced costs and improved the quality of patient care.

The name HealthPathways reflects the referral lines, or 'pathways', which link patients to the most appropriate treatment, local service or specialist. While HealthPathways Sydney is aimed at general practitioners, it can also be used by hospital specialists, practice nurses, Residential Aged Care Facility staff and allied health providers.

HealthPathways Sydney is a dynamic collaboration between Central and Eastern Sydney PHN and Sydney Local Health District. General practitioners, hospital specialists and community and allied health providers are all actively involved in creating and reviewing HealthPathways.

How does the program operate?

The pathways are developed by local GPs, Sydney Local Health District clinicians, and private allied health providers and clinicians.

The HealthPathways Sydney Program Team convenes workgroup meetings with primary and secondary clinicians to identify what is working well along with areas for improvement. Based on discussion and shared decision-making, local clinicians determine local solutions (pathways) for implementation. These pathways then go through a process of review and formatting in preparation fo rpublication on the HealthPathways Sydney website.

Once a pathway has been online for two years, it enters periodic review and the program team re-convenes  the key individuals/service teams involved in creating the pathway to review it. This ensures that the pathways remain up-to-date with the latest evidence-based clinical guidelines, and reflect current practice throughout SLHD services.

How do I access HealthPathways Sydney?

The HealthPathways Sydney website is available to local health and social care service providers including local general practitioners, allied health professionals, RACFs, local government and non-government organisations, and Sydney Local Health District clinical staff.

  • For assistance with access, email Cameron or call 8752 4939
  • For general enquiries about HealthPathways Sydney, email Paul or call 0447 735 472
  • To find out more about the current progress of the program and how you can get involved, please visit the HealthPathways Sydney Project Management site

HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney - Coming soon

HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney Program Manager
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HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney Administration Officer
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