Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan

  pdf Central and Eastern Sydney Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Regional Plan.  (1.68 MB)

What is the Regional Plan?

The Central and Eastern Sydney Regional Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan (the Regional Plan) is an agreement about what needs to change, by when, how and who will be responsible for making the change happen.

The plan has a 3-year focus (2019-2021) and will inform high quality decision making ensuring that resources are targeted to best respond to local mental health and suicide prevention needs.

The aim of the Regional Plan is to improve mental health, physical health and wellbeing of people with or at risk of mental health issues or at risk of suicide.

The Vision

The Regional is to support the vision for a mental health system that:

  1. Promotes mental and physical health and wellbeing
  2. Prevents mental ill health and distress, and provides timely early intervention
  3. Detects mental illness early and enables recovery
  4. Provides effective, appropriate, timely and integrated treatment and support

How has the Regional Plan been developed? 

The regional plan has been developed over a 12 month period in partnership with over 250 local communities and stakeholders including health care service providers, people with lived experience, carers and family members. The plan also extends to include actions identified by Government as requiring regional attention.

The following policies as strategies have informed the Regional Plan:

  1. Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan
  2. Living Well – A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW
  3. Equally Well Consensus Statement
  4. Gayaa Dhuwi- Proud Spirit Declaration
  5. Local Health District and Specialist Network Mental Health Plans
  6. CESPHN Needs Assessment
  7. NSW Strategic Framework for Mental Health

The Steering Committee 

The Regional Plan for Central and Eastern Sydney is a joint initiative and overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of representatives from:

  • Central and Eastern Sydney PHN (CESPHN)
  • Sydney Local Health District (SLHD)
  • South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD)
  • St Vincents Health Network (SVHN)
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital Network (SCHN)
  • Mental Health Carers NSW
  • Being NSW
  • Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) 

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The Time Frame 

April 2019  Public release of consultation draft by steering committee member organisations

May 2019 – Revision of Consultation Draft, incorporating public comments.

June 2019 – Finalisation of plan

July – August 2019 – Release of Regional Plan

August 2019- onwards – implementation of planning and implementation commences.


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