Co-occurring mental health and drug and alcohol support

Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Resource Package 

This resource package of online and telephone resources and online training has been developed to assist in providing effective support to clients with mental health and drug and alcohol conditions. 

It is designed to assist you to support clients with mild to moderate conditions, where involvement of specialist mental health or drug and alcohol services is not required.

The package includes resources that specifically address co-occurring mental health and substance use, as well resources that focus only on drug and alcohol use or only mental health. 

CESPHN Acknowledge that these resources are provided by SESLHD Drug and Alcohol Services’ Comorbidity Clinical Pathways Project, funded by the Mindgardens Neuroscience Network.

Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol - Online Training for Clinicians 


Drug and Alcohol training



INSIGHT Video: Stages of Change (2.36)

Understanding process of change.

INSIGHT Video: Four Column Diagram (12.09)

Brief intervention tool.

Motivational interviewing, and pros and cons of change.

INSIGHT (Centre for alcohol and other drug training and workforce development – Queensland Health)

A range of modules on substance use issues.

Free, eLearning on substance use issues.

Foundational AOD concepts, AOD Induction Modules, Introduction to AOD Treatment System, AOD Assessment, Understanding [specific drug] (cocaine, benzodiazepines etc.), Screening and Brief interventions, Trauma Informed Care, Micro-counselling skills, Relapse Prevention and Management, Telephone Counselling, Client engagement, Working with Families and significant others, ASSIST Screening, Care planning, Care formulation.


12 training modules on Drugs, alcohol and young people.

Although the online training refers to “young people”, most modules are also relevant for adults.

Who uses drugs (8 minutes),

Drugs & young people (9.46 minutes),

Drug types (20 minutes),

Assessment (6.23 minutes),

Drugs, Alcohol and Trauma (20 minutes),

Drugs and Mental Health (11 minutes)

Network of alcohol and other drugs agencies (NADA):

Engaging with families and significant others in the AOD sector        

-  4 modules each take 45-60 minutes to complete

Engage and support family and others impacted by substance use.

An account must be created to access the courses. Free.

Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA):

Signs of Alcohol and Other Drug Use, and Withdrawal

Identify drug types, their effects, signs of withdrawal, and working with clients who have problematic AOD use.

NSW Health: Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI):

Alcohol and Drug Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) Program

Tools and resources for interventions for cognitive impairment – for patients in AOD treatment settings.

Australian Treatment Outcomes Profile (ATOP) instrument training

Training for administration of the brief tool to measure patient reported outcomes and assess clinical risks.


Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST)

Training to administer the ASSIST screening tool and deliver a linked brief intervention.


Managing Addiction: A Framework for Successful Treatment

Five week self-paced course – matching people with alcohol and other drug problems with treatment.

NSW Health Handbook for Nurses and Midwives:
Responding effectively to people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Information and guidance based on NSW Health evidence-based treatment guidelines, for working with people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Pathways for delivering care – screening and assessment, managing risks, care planning and co-ordination, transfer of care etc.

mental health training



MHPOD: Mental Health Professional Online Development:

Building the Therapeutic Relationship (97542322) 20 minutes

The therapeutic relationship is at the heart of mental health practice, and outcomes of interventions can depend on the nature of the therapeutic relationship.

MHPOD: Carer Participation (97544049) 20 minutes

Introduces the concepts of carer participation and the lived experience of carers and families. Family/carers may be parents, partners, children, siblings or the broader 'family'.

MHPOD: Strategies for Working with People
at Risk of Suicide
(94216959) 20 minutes

Advice about responding practically to risk factors of suicide.

MHPOD: Trauma and Mental Health (94218228) 20 minutes

Overview of impact of traumatic events on individual’s mental health, and importance of not re-traumatising patients through service experience.

MHPOD: Effective documentation in clinical files (97555438) 20 minutes

Outlines documentation needs from intake to transfer of care.

Importance of documentation in facilitating communication and improving practice.

MHPOD: Relapse Prevention (97693213) 20 minutes           

Working collaboratively with agencies to provide support to patients and carers.

MHPOD: Relapse Prevention (97693213) 20 minutes

Describes development of a collaborative relapse prevention approach to mitigate further illness episodes. 

MHPOD: Mental Health Care for Indigenous Australians

(97647046) 20 minutes

Understand how culture influences Indigenous Australians' understanding and experience of mental disorders.

MHPOD: Culturally Sensitive Practice (97553113) 20 minutes

Strategies for working with people from Culturally And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, and their understanding of mental illness.

MHPOD: Mental Health Histories and Mental State Examination (MSE) (94214371) 20 minutes

Overview of what may be included in a mental health history and components of a mental state examination.

MHPOD: Mental Health and Mental Illness Across the Lifespan (94211912) 20 minutes

The way in which mental illnesses may present in different age groups.

MHPOD: Working with People who Self-harm

(102025504) 20 minutes

Understanding self-harm, common risk factors and therapeutic responses.

Working with People with Borderline
Personality Disorder
(97702282) 20 minutes

Overview of the condition’s aetiology.

Lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Key principles of treatment and care, risk assessment, managing a crisis etc.

MHPOD: Risk and Protective Factors

(97888120) 20 minutes

Interventions to promote protective factors for psychosis, and understanding of the stress-vulnerability model.

MHPOD: Risk Assessment and Management (94088736) 20 minutes

Tools to assess and manage clinical risk.

North-East Mental Health Service Co-ordination
Alliance (NEMHSCA): Harm Reduction

Use of Harm reduction measures in Mental Health settings.

Relapse prevention of psychosis.

Trauma informed care.

Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) eTraining:

Respond holistically to client issues

Free to access after registering.

Engaging clients and responding holistically to their issues.

comorbidity training



MHPOD: Dual Diagnosis (97554004) 20 minutes

Screening and assessment for dual diagnosis, and understanding potential interventions.

Matilda Centre – University of Sydney/NADA

Managing comorbidity: Tips and tricks for adapting
practice in a changing environment

Practical strategies to address co-morbid mental health and substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diversifying treatment and contact approaches.


Comorbidity Guidelines – online training

Eleven training modules developed for AOD staff. Practical information on the management & treatment of comorbid Mental Health conditions.

INSIGHT (Centre for alcohol and other drug training and workforce development – Queensland Health) Video

Care Planning Formulation 11 minutes

Collaborative formulation for care planning.

general training



Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA)

Making Effective Referrals

Self-paced Learner’s Guide.

When to refer a client.

Referral options, and how to improve referral outcomes.


Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Online and Telephone Resources


Comorbid disorders Mental health resources


Mental Health resources


Resources Available

Registration Required For Online Sites

Clinicians Available


- Mental Health site

- Search for MH services, support groups etc.

- Fact sheets (some D&A & Comorbid)

- Information for carers



SANE Australia

- National MH organisation

- Support services – telephone & online (counselling, support, info)

- Connecting with others (support)

- Fact sheets mainly MH – diagnosis, treatment, individual disorders (a few on comorbid D&A MH)



Beyond Blue

-Telephone, online, email support and forums

-Information/tools for screening and diagnosis of mental health disorders



Black Dog Institute

- MH related Information, screening tools with printable report, support groups, Fact sheets

- Webinars, podcasts

Yes, to access Community portal


ReachOut Australia

- Mental Health service for young people and parents

- Online discussion/support, phone apps

- Personalised support



One Door Mental Health

-Formerly Schizophrenia Fellowship

-Carer support

-Support workers post hospital discharge

-Information on clinical/support services

-Education & training



EMBRACE Multicultural Mental Health

-For multicultural communities to access services, resources, information in a culturally accessible format.

For professionals – webinars, information and training.

Yes – for professionals to access Framework – information & training


Well Mob

- Resources for frontline workers for Indigenous people

- Provides link to online counselling services (from different organisations)



Head to Health

- Links to Mental Health online and phone support, resources & treatment options, Apps etc,

- Resources for carers

- Peer support forums

- D&A information, services etc provided as one condition under mental health disorders rather than co-morbid condition.


No, but provides information about online/phone services that do.


e-Mental Health in Practice

- Directory of Australian, evidence-based, free (or low-cost), publicly funded digital mental health programs and resources (apps, crisis helplines, self-guided online programs etc.)

-Services listed under diagnosis, specific populations, or delivery mode e.g. depression, trauma, suicidal, carers, LGBTI, Indigenous, older adults, pregnancy & parenting, Apps, online, telephone, information sites etc.

-Services for carers included

- D&A/Substance use option as one condition under mental health disorders rather than co-morbid condition – links to information/services etc.


No.Links to services with online counselling etc.

MensLine Australia

1300 78 99 78

-24 hour mental health support for men

-counselling – phone, online, video chat

-some information for health workers

-information re alcohol use

Yes – for online counselling


Neami National


03 8691 5300

-mental health support for patients and carers by people with lived experience.

-The SESLHD based Neami service – at Hurstville

-online forums – ‘lived experience’ or ‘friends, family & carers’

Yes – for online forums


One to one coaching/support for people with severe mental health issues.

Project Air

-Fact sheets, self-help tools, guidelines, manuals, training DVDs, online training, conferences/workshops etc. for consumers and health professionals.

- Services contact list

- Lived experience

- Support group information for carers.




1800 650 890

-Telephone and online support/counselling for young people up to 25 years.

-Group chats and individual support/counselling.

-Information for family/carers.



Survivors & Mates Support Network (SAMSN)

8355 3711

1800 472 676

-Information, consultation and training for Survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Supporters and Service Providers.

-Individual support, support groups, drop-in meetings etc.

-Lived Experience workers and other expertise for advisory groups, organisational meetings, policy development etc.



Comorbid drug and alcohol resources


 Drug and alcohol resources


Resources Available

Registration Required For Online Sites

Clinicians Available


- Fact Sheets

- The site is primarily for health workers – education and training, guidelines, brief intervention tools etc.



Cracks in the Ice

- Methamphetamine information

- For Health professionals and carers.

- Resources need to be ordered by completing online form.

- Fact Sheets

- List of support services

Yes to subscribe


Counselling Online

- For Drug & Alcohol issues

- Self-help tools, Fact sheets

- Online/email counselling 24/7

- Peer forums & support for families/carers

-Telephone numbers for crisis support – Mental Health issues

Yes – not name or identifying details


Your Room

- Drug & Alcohol resources, information and support, games and tools – to assess knowledge and own substance use.

- Drink calculator

-Information on different treatment options and services available.



Alcohol and  Drug Foundation (ADF)

Text the Effects: 0439 835 563

-Information about drugs – Fact Sheets

-Service directory

-Text the name of the drug and a return text will contain information about that drug, and a link with information about other drugs.





NSW Health Contact information,
support and treatment services

-Local Health District Drug & Alcohol Intake lines

-Information, support services, clinical guidelines, treatment options and treatment services.

-Webchat link with Alcohol & Other Drugs Information Service (ADIS) worker



Family Drug Support Australia

- Fact Sheets

- Online – videos of group meetings to see what they are like

-Phone support for families/friends/carers



SMART Recovery Australia

- Online and in person meetings and evidence based support groups (CBT and motivational interviewing techniques)

- Support for family/friends

- Worksheets and tools

Yes – for online meetings

Yes – some group facilitators are qualified professionals, others are peers

Alcoholics Anonymous

- Online/in person meetings

- In person meeting locations

- Information for professionals



Narcotics Anonymous

- Information/resources for professionals, public and Narcotics Anonymous members

- In person meeting locations

- Online meetings

- NA World Services Website – information, resources in other languages, meetings etc.



Hello Sunday Morning

-Information/resources to quit or reduce alcohol consumption

-Information to understand stages of change and assist others to quit or reduce use

-Information about immediate and long-term effects of alcohol use

-Daybreak App – for support from others

-Contact details for support services – mental health & Drug & Alcohol crisis support



Drinks Meter

-Free smartphone App provides confidential and personalised feedback to cut back on alcohol use

-Tools to reduce consumption, spending tracker, calculates kilojoules, calculates standard drinks

-Information on Drug & Alcohol Services



Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Service (ADIS)

(02) 9361 8000

1800 250 015

- 24hr/7 day service provides education, information, referral, crisis counselling, support.

- Telephone or webchat, online resources

- Support to health professionals, friends/family


Yes - counsellors

PeerLine – NSW Users and Aids Association (NUAA)

1800 644 413

-Peer support, information, referral for people who use drugs.

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm



Crystal Meth Anonymous

0414 660 851

-online and face to face meetings in SESLHD northern sector e.g. Surry Hills

-12 step recovery

-Need to have desire to stop using all drugs/alcohol



NSW Health Medicinal Cannabis Medicine Helpline

1800 217 257

-Information for patients and general public on medicinal cannabis, trials etc.

-Further information and Fact Sheets available on the website.




-Online resources for smokers – information, tips, tools, community support.

-Information available in Arabic, Vietnamese & Chinese



My QuitBuddy

-App to support smokers to quit – tips, distraction tools, online community.




13 78 48

-Telephone coaching – to quit smoking

-Call back service – book a time



Co-occurring resources


 Co-occurring resources


Resources Available

Registration Required For Online Sites

Clinicians Available

Brother to Brother

1800 435 799

-24 hour helpline for Aboriginal men

-Staffed by Aboriginal men, including elders

-Telephone support/referral for any issues

-Healing & Behavioural change groups via Zoom

-Drug & Alcohol Worker available



Drug & Alcohol Worker


- Mental Health support groups and wellbeing programs (in person/online)

- Program for carers

- Residential program for comorbid Drug & Alcohol dependence and Mental Health issues (at West Hoxton NSW, near Liverpool)



National Drug and Alcohol Research
Centre (NDARC)

- Book published in 2007.

- Describes different mental illness’ and the signs/symptoms

- Describes specific drugs and their effect on mental health




-Website with information on substance use, mental health & sexual health in LGBTI community.

-AOD and mental health resources.

-Get support links.

- Consumer focused site.