My Health Record

The Australian Government has legislated that a My Health Record will be created for all Medicare and Department of Veterans’ Affairs card holders in Australia, unless they choose not to have one and opt out between 16th July 2018 and 31st January 2019.


What is My Health Record?

My Health Record is an online summary of your key health information. Over time, My Health Record will bring together health information from different healthcare providers such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports in one place.

The key benefits of the My Health Record system are:

  • Reduced adverse drug events
  • Enhanced patient self-management
  • Improvements in patient outcomes
  • Reduce time gathering information
  • Avoided duplication of services

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Getting started

Register and set up access 

There are two ways through which authorised healthcare providers can access an individual’s record in the My Health Record system.

  1. Conformant software

Accessing the My Health Record system through conformant clinical software enables healthcare providers to upload, view and download information from an individual's My Health Record.

Click here for more information on access via conformant software

  1. National Provider Portal

If a healthcare provider does not have access to conformant software, they can view an individual’s My Health Record through the National Provider Portal at: The healthcare provider will be able to view and download information from the individual’s My Health Record, but will not be able to upload any clinical information.

Click here for more information on access via the National Provider Portal

There is a new registration process for healthcare providers who wish to register and connect to the My Health Record system.

It is a more streamlined process, available through Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS), improving registration time from weeks to hours. Before using this new registration process, you will need to have a PRODA account, which can be created here.

To guide healthcare providers through the My Health Record and registration and access, the following resources have been developed:


News and updates


My Health Record gains momentum. As at 11 November 2018:

  • Over 6.2 million people have a My Health Record, with approximately 18,500 records are being created each week
  • Over 27 million prescriptions and dispense records have been uploaded.
  • Over 14,500 healthcare providers are connected, including GPs, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care residential services, allied health.
  • Over 8.5 million clinical documents uploaded

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