Active Living Fitness Classes

13 June 2019


The Active Living fitness program was funded by Central and Eastern Sydney PHN, until 30 June 2019. The Active Living fitness program was established in August 2017 to promote participation in maintenance fitness programs for older people with COPD and heart failure post completion of hospital cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. 

Key features of the program were:

  • The program was free for all participants, as cost can play a significant role in many older peoples’ decision to pursue structured routine physical activity.
  • The program was open to all people, not just those who have COPD and heart failure, in recognition of the support that many older people with chronic health conditions may need to motivate their participation.
  • All Active Living instructors were university-qualified exercise professionals to ensure that the program would be safe and suitable for participants.
  • The program sought enhanced integration with existing hospital cardiopulmonary health services. Studies show that the cessation of clinician support following rehabilitation greatly reduces the likelihood of maintaining routine physical activity.

Funding for the program was through the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Innovation Funding to Central and Eastern Sydney PHN and lasted until June 2018. CESPHN was able to extend funding for the program for 12 months until June 2019.

The program was developed as a trial to test this particular model of care in the Sutherland and Canterbury regions. Throughout the program CESPHN explored sustainable funding models that would enable the continuation of classes beyond June 2019.

Continuance of two groups have been achieved in the Sutherland region. These programs run at;

  • Cronulla RSL 38 Gerrale St, Cronulla. Call Melanie 0409 849 989
  • Engadine Community centre. Call Melanie 0409 849 989

Continuance of two groups have also been achieved in the Canterbury region. These programs run at;

  • Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL. Call Nicholas 0433 204 242
  • Canterbury City Community Centre. Call 9750 9344

CESPHN recognises the importance of classes of this nature in maintaining and improving the health of older people in our community and are continuing to explore further maintenance physical activity service options.


Please visit if you are interested in finding an exercise program in your area.